Consumer Testimonials

I am writing to compliment A.V.Thomas Produce for offering the best, most amazing and delicious sweet potatoes I have ever cooked for my family.  I bought a 5 pound bag of Nature's Pride Organic Sweet Potatoes from Costco in San Diego the week before Thanksgiving. I baked them yesterday and I was impressed and thrilled with how evenly and beautifully they came out. What really got my attention was their shape (mostly footballs) and how easily the skin slipped off the potato. 

When I bake them, I stab them for a little "vent" then put them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 50 minutes. Your beautiful potatoes which are so evenly shaped peeled in seconds. I sliced the sugary "bottom" and the whole potato practically fell out of the peel. 

So delicious and beautiful!  Normally I don't write to food producers, but these potatoes are impressive!  

Outstandingly perfect product (Nature's Pride Yams and Sweet potatoes)!

Purchased (04/10/11) @ "Grocery Outlet", Wenatchee, WA, 98801. 

Many, many thanks for providing memories of childhood tastes.

My name is Sheila Martin and I recently visited friends in Florida who served me some of your organic baby sweets she prepared in the microwave.  They were excellent. I am a sweet potato lover and hope that you can tell me where in the metropolitan Detroit area I might be able to find your sweets.  My friend in San Diego, Ca would also like to know.  Thank you for your assistance and for your wonderful produce.

Let the company know how much I appreciated the recipe that was included in the box of sweet potatoes I bought at Costco, as we discussed a 10 lb box is a bit much for a family of two except during the holidays.  With the included recipes I went through the box in no time, and am on my way back for the second.

Now that I know you have a web site with additional recipes I will be trying them out.   If you decide to set up an e-mail list, you can sure include me.

You have a great product and with a nutritional value I was unaware of, thanks for all the information on the box.  I am diabetic as is my husband, and potatoes are off the list of acceptable foods, except the sweet potato, because the fiber content and nutritional value, in moderation of course, so keep us diabetics in mind in the recipe department.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the "Sweet Potato and Yam Buyer's Guide" in the 10 pound box of sweet potatoes I purchased yesterday from Costco.

I choose the A.V Thomas box over the other 10 pound box because of the brochure.

The information on storage was most helpful as I did not know storage in the fridge diminished the quality of the potato and the recipes looked very interesting.
I wanted to thank you for such wonderful sweet potatoes/yams.  I have bought around 15 boxes from Costco in the past year and this year.  They have become a staple in our diet.  I have given boxes as gifts when someone tells me how much they love the yams. 

I can always count on the yams being solid, beautiful and delicious.  Thank you for providing a consistently excellent product.

We had purchased a bag of your potatoes from our local Costco Store and we so loved the flavor that I had asked my wife if they were grown in the USA?  I was pleased to find information on your web site that was very interesting and educational. A great product with wonderful flavor.

What a nice surprise to find inside the package of your sweet potatoes, purchased at the Dimond branch Costco in Anchorage a recipe for sweet potato latkes!

You all rock!  No sense waiting until the next time Hannukah falls on Thanksgiving.  By then I'll be way too old to cook!

As a child, living in North of Africa (Algeria) during the war, I became fond of the long and narrow yellow kind sweet potato, called there ” Patate douce” Mother would make her very special syrup and roll them in it, one at the time, before she world bake them in the oven. To us kids, it was an occasional and special  delicious dessert (food were restricted during the war)

When we go to Costco, for grocery shopping, we buy a bag of Sweet potatoes, the orange kind and while reading the Buyer's guide, included in it, I was impressed about all the information it contained and witch I never knew. I also appreciated the recipes and the Health Benefits information.I thought you would like to know so thank you.

I've haven't had a Sweet Potatoe like yours since I was a little girl on the have the most tastiest ones because of being all natural. 

Thank you so much for your healthy, most delicious sweet potatoes ever in so many years.

I've just eaten a sweet potato from your 3 pound bag (I bought 3 bags) and have read your "Buyer's Guide" and website. Well done.

I am sending a treat to you - in case you aren't aware of his food columns in the New York Times - what Mark Bittman has to say about Sweet Potatoes. He inspired me to have Sweet Potatoes in my pantry 12 months of the year.

I recently purchased one of your Natural Beauty Organic Jewel Yams.  It was absolutely delicious, not at all stringy and had me wanting to buy more!  Needless to say I have since bought more of these. Thank you for an excellent farm product.

HI, I just wanted to let you know that your sweet potatoes (or are they yams?--I've never known the difference) that I bought from Dacula, GA Publix are the most tender and best tasting I've ever eaten. And I've eaten sweet potatoes twice a week for decades so I am a bit of a connoisseur. I pulled your little sticky tag off and found your email on google so I just wanted to thank you.