Sweet Potato Toast Galore!

Sweet potato Toast—it’s a thing! You can definitely cook slices of sweet potato in your toaster, just like you do with toast, then top them in a million different ways—just like you do with toast! The only limit is your imagination. Here are a few of our favorites.

Each variation serves 1




Sweetpotato Toast with Avocado, Poached Egg, and S

1 Slice sweetpotato (about 1/4-inch thick)
1/4 Small avocado
1 egg, poached
Salt, to taste
Sriracha or other hot sauce, to taste

Sweetpotato Toast with Cream Cheese, Maple Syrup,

1 Slice sweetpotato (about 1/4-inch thick)
2 Tablespoons cream cheese
2 or 3 dates, halved or quartered
1 1/2 Teaspoons pumpkin seeds or pepitas, toasted
Maple syrup, to taste

Sweetpotato and Tomato Bruschetta

1 Slice sweetpotato (about 1/4-inch thick)
1/2 tomato
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 Teaspoons chopped fresh basil
1 Clove garlic, minced
Salt, to taste

Sweet Potato Toast Galore! Directions

  1. To make the toast variations, cook the sweet potato in your toaster or toaster oven as you would a piece of bread, using the most well-done setting, until tender (you might have to do this 2 times). Transfer the sweet potato to a plate, add the toppings, and enjoy.

  2. To make the bruschetta variation, cook the sweet potato as directed above. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Transfer the sweet potato to a plate, top with the tomato mixture, and enjoy.


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